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Engaging and Motivating Your Middle and High School Students

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Student motivation is one of the greatest concerns for every educator. How might you change your approach to motivating your secondary students if you saw it through their eyes? Using the words and experiences of adolescent learners, author Kathleen Cushman guides you through the creation of a classroom environment that will keep your students interested, engaged, and excited about learning. 

What lights a fire in the minds of young people? What gets them motivated to take on challenging tasks, and what keeps them going when it gets hard? This learning path takes a practical, student-centered approach to understanding aspects of a learning environment that foster interest and give students a reason to care. Through the words and experiences of adolescents who have moved from apathy to excitement about learning, author Kathleen Cushman guides you through planning and analyzing the learning activities you design for your students. In the process, you will discover how to create conditions that will help your middle and high school students value their learning and believe that they can succeed.