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Pennsylvania Comprehensive Literacy Plan

Part of PA Comprehensive Literacy

The Pennsylvania Comprehensive Literacy Plan (PaCLP) was written to provide guidance to stakeholders about their roles in developing an integrated, aligned, and comprehensive set of literacy experiences for children (Birth-grade 12). Educators will find specific information about developing, implementing, and evaluating an evidence-based school literacy program. The document also addresses the important role of parents, librarians, those who work in community agencies, etc., who make important contributions to the development of literacy learning

The PaCLP is meant to serve as a basis for professional development that will assist schools in developing a comprehensive, aligned, and coherent literacy plan. Such professional development can be provided for various stakeholders, e.g., those in leadership positions; those who teach reading or content area subjects; specialized personnel including reading specialists, special educators, speech and language teachers; parents; and community leaders.

This Learning Path consists of four sections:

  • Section 1: Overview of the PaCLP
  • Section 2: Grasp the Guiding Principles
  • Section 3: Explore the Essential Elements
  • Section 4: Investigate Implementation Tools