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Successful Transitions Along the Literacy Continuum

Part of PA Comprehensive Literacy

Research suggests that children who make a smooth transition and experience early school success tend to maintain higher levels of social competence and academic achievement. The content provided in this Learning Path reviews Transitions Across the Literacy Continuum. The primary goal of transition planning is to ensure that all students have opportunities to experience academic excellence and a strong sense of well-being. Learning is a continuous process, therefore, transition planning is important for all who educate and guide students. Components of an effective transition process for students include the alignment of school, family and student expectations. Challenges to this transition process include socio-economic status, cultural differences, and language barriers.

This Learning Path consists of five sections:

  • Section 1: Research About Transitions
  • Section 2: Foundations for Successful Transitions
  • Section 3: Target Transition Times
  • Section 4: Transition Challenges
  • Section 5: Action Planning